Friday, November 15, 2013

We are Blessed, More than we Deserve

These lines "We are Blessed, More than we Deserve" I just heard now while watching Be Careful with my Heart (a popular tv series in the Philippines).  For the past one week, I was somehow feeling down because of what happened to my country.  I don't know if I wanted to do fasting because I know that many people are still not eating for several days.  Like any other Filipinos who are not in the Philippines, I wanted to help desperately.
This tragedy made me realized how blessed I am.  This is a wake up call to me.  A personal call from God to us, that we are truly blessed.

Why are we blessed?  If you are reading this, and you are a person with a job and healthy family, do you think you are not blessed enough?  Please watch CNN, or any Filipino news then ask yourself if you are neglected.  I am not saying that the people who were caught by this tragedy are neglected by God.  This has an ultimate purpose that only God knows what it is.  We just have to trust His ways, fully trust His ways.

Please let this tragedy be a way to count your blessings.  The everyday struggle that we have at work, is nothing compared to what the victims will be struggling after the typhoon.  Our efforts of understanding our loved ones because of our differences need to be treasured.  We must accept our loved ones because we don't know until when they will be with us.  They are our blessings.  They are the ones who mold us.

I will embrace this trial that God gave to us Filipinos.  I am crying now because I felt how God tried to knock our hearts.  Like Noah, we should always be ready as when the storm will come.  We should prepare ourselves as to when we will face God.

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