Friday, June 7, 2013

House and Lot for Sale Near Tagaytay City

I don't usually pose an ad here in my blog however this ad is actually different.  We are selling our house and lot in Amadeo, Cavite.  This is actually, almost 5km from Tagaytay City.  

This is not the actual place but I am just teasing you. *wink* There are so many short cuts from our place to this very location.  This photo is near restaurants in Maharlika, Tagaytay City.  It also has a short cut towards Tagaytay rotonda.

The second photo is our backyard and the third is the from of the house.  Yes, we have a pine tree in our backyard.  We used to play badminton also in our backyard. The lawn is well maintained.

This is one of our living rooms.  I just don't have the photo of the other one.  But it is bigger than this photo, plus we also have a huge sofa. (now am thinking how come I don't have that pic).  I could have that just give me a message.

This is the master's bedroom where my parents used to sleep. The bed was changed as it was moved to another room.  Attached here is the bathroom.

These are the bedrooms we have.  The first two photos is the first bedroom.  

There are actually 4 bedrooms (1 master bedroom), 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens (1 dirty kitchen), 2 bathrooms, washing area and a big storage room (which you also be a bedroom).

Approximately 500 square meters. If you have question and interested, just leave a message on the contact me page.  

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