Saturday, May 18, 2013

Philippine Politics

Hi everyone! How's everybody? Thanks for dropping by my blog.  I haven't written anything here for a long time.  I was drowned to my job and my staying fit ;-) which I would like to also share with you if there will be some improvements.

Anyway, why did I came up with a topic about Philippine Politics?  I don't usually care about these politicians.  However, now that my country is booming and it can be shown to statistics.  I felt that having  "trapos" (traditional politicians) in the position would lead us again to downfall. That is why, I became somehow vigilant on sharing (through internet) who are the trapos or candidate from political dynasties who are running.. Potential risks on Philippine growth. 

Yesterday, my boss came to chat with us and asked me how do I feel that Erap won again as a Mayor in Manila.  From the sound of his voice, I think he is a bit worried because one of our affiliates is in Pasig which he thought is in Manila.  He also know that Erap is one of the most corrupt people in the world.  I told him that he is the people's choice.  His "brand" (Erap, Estrada) is known. 

My boss was telling me how Philippines is improving.  He's on early 60's and has a lot of Filipino friends. He witnessed how the Philippines fell because of corruption and abusive politicians.  He also know the Philippines is rising now, in terms of its economy.  

My boss was afraid that Pasig is part of Manila and our office in Pasig will be affected by the ruling of Erap.

Philippine politics like any other politics in the world is dirty.  However, people now are vigilant and some of the politicians are willing to clean this inherited dirt.  I wish there will be more politicians who has this political will to change.  A change that all Filipinos longed for.  A change that all Filipinos will be proud of.

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