Sunday, February 24, 2013

How I Landed a Job in Singapore

Hello everyone! It's been a month (yes I know! haha) and should I say that I have been busy with work.  It was tons! Really loads of work because the project that I'm handling is at its peak. 

Anyway, just what I promised you on my last post, I would like to share with you how I landed a job here in Singapore.  However, let me first clear this.  What I will be sharing to you is based on my experience.  I am different from you and from anybody else.  Plus, there are many changes in Singapore policies in terms of them granting working pass to foreigners.  There are really cases wherein some Filipinos went back to Philippines because their workpass are rejected.  If you want to look for a job here, please run through this website- Passes- MOM- first.  Read and read! 

I think what I will be sharing to you is not only applicable here in Singapore but in any country that you're in (even in our own country, the Philippines).

Here's what I did:

  1. PLAN and STUDY - The decision of us going here is not something that just popped our minds.  We planned and studied about it.  My husband and I talked about it for days and nights.  It was a risk.  However, we call this risk as calculated.  I was the first one to go here, because my husband that time has a good job in the Philippines.  If I wouldn't be successful, I will go back.  What did we plan?

  • How long will I stay in Singapore to find a job? - As a foreigner, with no business of here but to "travel",  I was granted 2 months to stay here.  That's why I just limit myself to only 2 months to look for a job.
  • How much will I bring? - The risk also include money.  Room rental and allowance per day (food and fare).
  • Techniques - Should I say strategies.  I need to sell myself.  I need to know my skills and strengths.  I was equipped with what I need to do the moment I will step here in Singapore.  
  • Spiritual and emotional preparedness - How will I manage to stay and look for a job here in Singapore without my husband and daughter beside me. (First time, I was separated with them).
2. APPLY IN JOB PORTALS - It was really a lot of work.  I signed up in as many reliable job portals as possible.


You wouldn't believe but I was submitting my applications to 50-100 companies a day.

3. MARKET MYSELF - I contacted all (yes, I think all) my highschool classmates, college classmates and friends who are here in Singapore.  I told them that I am actively looking for a job.  When I got the chance to elaborate my experiences, I did market myself.  As if I was demonstrating a new product to a client, telling them my good features and achievements both in school and in my past companies.

4.  PREPARED MY CV WELL - I really did a lot of research on how to make my CV more presentable, more professional and more eye catching.  I think aside from my good work experiences, the way that I presented my CV is a good plus.  There are lots of head hunters who called me.  However, the problem with these head hunters are that sometimes they don't read what's inside my CV.  When they called me for interviews they were trying to tell me to change my CV just to fit on what's the requirement of their clients.

5. PRAY HARD - I always believe that though we planned for this perfectly and did all the necessary things to achieve it, but without prayers this is nothing.  This is something that is beyond our control.  God knows what is good for us.  If God knows that what we are asking is not only for us but for others, He will answer our prayers.  God knows what's inside our hearts and how faithful we are to Him.

I asked and believed that God will work with me.

Til next sharing. :-) Happy reading.

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