Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2012 Granted Prayers

Hi everyone! It's been ages since I last posted here in my blog.  Please don't think that I neglected this blog.  I love writing, I love sharing my thoughts.  However, I have been busy prioritizing work, settling here in Singapore and taking care of my family.  Seems like every mom also has these priorities, but please bear with me as I need to settle ourselves here in Singapore.

As I mentioned on my last posts, my family transferred here in Singapore to look for better opportunity.  It was quite successful as there are still things to settle.  I could say that our major wishes for 2012 were granted.  God actually gave us what we have prayed for.  

Here are the things that we have prayed for the year 2012. (This we solemnly prayed last 2011)

  1. For me to have a job here in Singapore - I came here last September 2011, leaving my family in the Philippines to look for a job.  My hopes are high and my faith is overwhelming.  I had a job the next month.  Oooopps, please do not think it was that easy.  It was not easy as I need to pass 50 to 100 resumes a day.  Anyway, I will share to you on my next post how I managed to find a job here in Singapore.
  2. My husband to also find a job here - My husband came here last January 2012 when I already have a job.  I was the one who first came here because he had a job in the Philippines.  If ever, I wouldn't be successful in finding a job, I could just go home and continue our lives there.  He had his first job here in Singapore last April 2012.
  3. My daughter to be with us - We left our daughter to my parents when we were trying to settle ourselves here.  It was hard.  It was really hard, especially because I literally took care of my daughter since she was born.  I cannot hold my tears every time I remember my daughter that time.  But thank God! Our prayers were granted we were able to have her last May 2012.
These are our major prayers that were granted.  Somewhere along the way, there are trials and decisions that we have to make.  But we still stick on God's promise that every thing will turn out to be good.

On my next post let me share to you the journey that we had last year.  I would also like to share to you how I cling more and more to God and entrust everything to Him.

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