Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Mother Celebrating Mother's Day

Hi everyone! How are you doing?  This week my classmate in elementary (my good friend actually) sent me a message in facebook telling me that she was searching for photos in the web and saw my picture.  She clicked on my picture and saw my blog.  She obviously read my blog and told me continue updating it. Sayang daw.  I was thinking about it but I should admit that I have been busy with work and personal life reason why I didn't have time to update.  (Hi Che! thanks for reading my blog :-))

This morning I got curious if there are still people or some of the usual readers of this blog who still visit.  And I was like HUWWWAAATT? when I saw the total number of page views yesterday.

218 Page Views? I know I'm a little bit OA but I was really surprised.  Thought no one bothers to look at my blog anymore.  Thank you so much readers.  I know some of the bloggers here would have more than a thousand page views but please let me appreciate my viewers. :-)

The most number of views is the my mother's day post, I stated 50 reasons why we should celebrate mother's day.  I hurriedly checked when will be this special occasion and saw that it would be tomorrow.   So let me greet all moms a

happy mother's day! 

I remember when I was pregnant, my father used to tell me that I should be thankful because "not all woman can be a mother."  I felt the happiness of what my father said when my daughter was born.

Tomorrow I will be celebrating mother's day without my daughter with me.  Am I lonely?  No.  I'm not trying to hide my feelings but I'm really not lonely, I am greatful.  As you all know (if you still don't know please read my previous posts), I am now here in Singapore working.  My husband arrived here last January also to look for a job. (now we are praying for the approval of his pass-permit to work here in Singapore).  Everything is falling into places.  The plans we had last year (by the grace of God) are now within our hands.  Our daughter whom we left in the Philippines will be here on April.  Soon we will be together.

How can I celebrate mother's day without my daughter?  I think what my husband and I would do is to PRAY. We will pray for thanksgiving.  We will pray thanking God for giving us a chance to be parents.  Seeing my two year old daughter happy and healthy is already a celebration.  I can't express the fulfillment of watching her laugh and play with her cousin over Yahoo Messenger.

I know there are lots of OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) moms out there, who are kinda lonely because they are not with their children.  I am praying that their loneliness will cease, after all the real reason why they are away is because of their children.

Stay Happy my dear reader.


Rovie said...

Happy mothers day sis! Your daughter is surely blessed to have you as a mom and don't worry she'll definitely understand why both of you are not together tomorrow...

Crib said...

hi Rovie! hindi ako sure if last Sunday was Mother's day pero sobrang thank you. :-)

thanks for dropping by my blog.