Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 101: Ate my Favorite Food

Sometimes, amidst of stress at work, I am feeling the need of counting my blessings. What are the things that I can do, eat, buy, etc. because of my job? I should say that I am not comfortable with my job now. I don't know if this is temporary. I think having a difficult job is better than having a difficult person to work with.

I am thinking it is still worthy. Yesterday was day 101 of how grateful I am. I ate one of my favorite foods. Japanese barbeque 😊

Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 100: A Chance to Walk

It's been 100 days since the year started and I'd experienced a lot of ups and downs already. I thought I cannot take the trials but praying really helped. God's presence through the Holy Spirit really (100 percent) really helped. Got a lot of trials in my work, a challenge of having a very big responsibility, a challenge of working with hard-to-work-with person. It came to a point that I want to quit.

Now I'm thankful because time flew, I surpassed the test. Not quite finished but at least I surpassed the peak part. Now, I have a chance to walk. I thought I will stay on where am at. I want to run as fast as I could to escape but God wanted me to realize things. Humbling myself and praying for the people that hurt me. Now, am able to walk.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 16: Going Home Early from Work

As a working mom, being able to go home early from work is very important.  Especially now that my daughter is studying, I would want to have time to teach her and communicate with her about school.  Am an engineer and my work sometimes would push me to work on longer hours.  Thank God! I could manage my workload.

The photo that I'll be sharing to you was just shot a few minutes ago. Am sitting on the second deck of the bus, showing that am going home, still with sunlight.

Am truly blessed.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15 - Things We Have

I am grateful for the things we had acquired.  Photos below have 3 remote controls, TV, aircon and videoke.

Not to mention the three lovely picture frames we have beside our TV.  Still reminds me how blessed we are.